Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-01-30T15:22:56+00:00
What is the Easton Foundations Gator Cup?2017-11-29T01:57:51+00:00

This is an outdoor target archery tournament that complies with World Archery and USA Archery rules. The Easton Foundations Gator Cup is a USAT Qualifier Series Event. This means it is part of the series of events co-hosted by USA Archery that help to determine the national team for archery, called the United States Archery Team (USAT).


All participants must be a current member of USA Archery.  For non members a temporary membership can be purchased at the link below for $15.

My country is not sending a team. Can I still compete?2017-11-29T02:02:22+00:00

Yes, this is an open tournament and you can register directly with the tournament.

What categories are offered?2018-01-30T21:51:19+00:00

Recurve Men, Women, Junior, Cadet and Masters
Compound Men, Women, Junior, Cadet and Masters

What rounds are offered?2018-01-30T15:16:52+00:00

Participants will shoot a 72 arrow Qualification Round. The top 64 archers per category (following  the Qualification Round) will compete in Elimination Round match play. 

Are there separate classes (age/gender)?2017-11-29T02:04:33+00:00

Yes, archers are categorized by age, gender and equipment type.

Are there equipment or dress code rules?2018-01-30T16:09:48+00:00
USAA Dress Code:
1. All athletes and coaches must present a professional, athletic appearance while on the field. (Torn, ripped or badly faded clothing articles are not allowed.) Clothing may be of any color.
2. No camo or blue denim (jeans) may be worn at target events. Accessories such as trim on shirts, caps, quivers, armguards, footwear, etc., are permitted to be camo. At field events, denim may be worn but camo may not be worn.
3. Shorts, skorts and skirts must not be shorter than finger tip length while standing normally.
4. Men and women are required to wear upper garments covering the front and back of the body and covering the midriff when at full draw. Women’s upper garments shall have a minimum strap of 3″ or sleeves. Men’s upper garments shall have short or long sleeves.
5. Sport/athletic shoes are recommended to all athletes and coaches during target events. Shoes must cover the entire foot.
6. At no time will any athlete or coach wear any article bearing any image or language to be considered offensive to others.
Go to, World Archery Rules


Is there day-of tournament registration?2017-11-29T02:06:05+00:00

No, all archers must register and pay in advance to reserve a shooting spot. Space is limited to the capacity of the venue.

What is the facility like?2017-11-29T02:07:06+00:00

The Easton Foundations Gator Cup is held at the Easton Newberry Sports Complex (ENSC). The ENSC is located in Newberry, Florida, just 16 miles west of Gainesville. The Easton Foundations Archery Center is a cornerstone of the Easton Newberry Sports Complex.  For more information visit