May 31st – June 2nd, 2019

  • World Archery Rules: Click Here
  • USA Archery Dress Code: Click Here
  • National Ranking System: http:/Click Here
  • Membership: Participants must be a current member of USA Archery or member of a WA Member Association.
  • Citizenship: Competitors who want to earn NRS Points for USAT qualification must be U.S. Citizens. Non-U.S. Citizens will not be eligible for USAT Placement.


  • Cadets – through the calendar year of your 17th birthday.
  • Juniors – through the calendar year of their 20th birthday.
  • Seniors – participants may compete as a senior at any age they wish.
    Para Division offered in Recurve and Compound for Senior age class.
  • Masters – participants may compete as a master when the competition takes place in the year of their 50th birthday and thereafter.


  • Recurve
  • Compound

An arrow consists of a shaft with a tip (point), nocks, fletching and, if desired, cresting. The maximum diameter of arrow shafts shall not exceed 9.3mm (arrow wraps shall not be considered as part of this limitation as long they do not extend further than 22cm toward the point of the arrow when measured from the throat – nock hole where the string sits – of the nock to the end of the wrap); the tips (points) for these arrows may have a maximum diameter of 9.4mm. All arrows of every athlete shall be marked with the athlete’s name or initials on the shaft. All arrows used in any end shall be identical visually.


  • Recurve – 122cm target face
  • Compound – 80cm target face (6-ring)


  • All compound archers – 50 meters
  • Recurve Cadet & Masters – 60 meters
  • Recurve Junior & Senior – 70 meters


  • 72 arrows total
  • 6 Arrow Ends
  • 4 minutes per end


  • The top 64 archers in each division will qualify for the Olympic Round matchplay.
  • Archers shoot 3 arrows per end.
  • 2 minutes per end
  • Recurve – first to 6 set points wins.
  • Compound – 5 ends. Archer with the highest cumulative score wins the match.

Separate brackets for:

  • Cadet Male Compound
  • Cadet Female Compound
  • Cadet Male Recurve
  • Cadet Female Recurve
  • Junior Male Compound
  • Junior Female Compound
  • Junior Male Recurve
  • Junior Female Recurve
  • Senior Male Compound
  • Senior Female Compound
  • Senior Male Recurve
  • Senior Female Recurve
  • Masters Male Compound
  • Masters  Female Compound
  • Masters Male Recurve
  • Masters Female Recurve

Individual Finals

  • Archers will alternate shooting.